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In this site you will find a lot of exercices to get over cervical dystonia. I am a psychologist with more than 20 years dealing with this moviment disorder. This is a simulation of me in my 26 years old. As you can see my neck was alwais turning to the right side. I needed my hand to help my head return to the center. I Also had lot of pain, tremor, headache...

Center to down

Center to up

Now, I have 51 years old and my neck movement is normal. I did a lot of exercices every day. Here you will find this exercices in videos like this:

Center to down

Center to up

Center to right

Center to left

So I think that the cure can be there with a lot of daily work. That means working as much or more than any of the elite sportman we are accustomed to see in high level competitions. It means consistency, discipline, willpower, constant work, tolerance for relapses and intelligence.

Also means get advice from neurologyst, psychologyst and doctors. So to get over cervical dystonia there's need, at least, to work in three dimensions:

  • Medical: The doctor and the pacient have to decide if the modern aids are advisable in any case.
  • Psychological: A psychological trauma can be related with this condition. Also the repercussions in the daily life have to be analyzed with an specialist. Cognitive psychology should work.
  • Comprehensive daily training: this is the part that you can find in this site. We will upload videos to follow the exercises in each stage. This training has to be comprehensive. Very comprehensive. This training is divided in three stages. The exercices that works in one stage can not work in other.

Here you will not see anything about seaweed, miraculous healing, any kind of religion or irregular pils. We are not talking about motivation or live style. And we recommend to request medical advice at any time.

First stage (three months)

  • Beginning of stage: unwanted neck moviments always.
  • End of stage: neck can be straight in no stress situations. The involuntary movements return walking, holding things, talking...
  • How long: three months.
  • Pain: Lot of pain.
  • Training: a lot.
  • Exercices: slow and smooth. You can do this exercices up, sitting, lying, watching a movie, eating...try to do this exercices in some diferent situations: at the cinema, at work, on a chair, on a bed. Finally try to make your own exercices with only one rule: smoth and slow neck movements.
  • Problems: after three hard training months no results. What can I do? use a neckless during three months more and train as many hours as you can. Only take off your neckles during the exercicies and when sleep. Always ask your doctor. I know that three months with a neckless is a lot of time and your doctor will say that. That's on you. Be open to take Botulinum toxin and other meds according to your doctor.

 First stage: basic neck movements

Total neck movement

Neck movement in its entirety. It only stops and changes when it reaches the final position. As always the movements will be very slow. The movement must never be forced. It can be sitting, standing, lying down, with hands help...

Right to left

Down to up

First diagonal

Second diagonal

Partial neck movement

In these examples we will see that the movement is partial. It ends at a certain point and returns to the point of origin. Always very slowly and without never force the muscles. You can do it sit, stand, with the help of your hand...

Center to down

Center to up

Center to right

Center to left

Shoulder and chest

Shoulder from center to up

Slow chest motion.

With help

You can do all the exercices with some help

Bottom to up with the hand.

Right to left with the hand.

Right to left

Second stage (three years)

To start working with the next exercices the pacient can keep the neck straight in some situations. Mentally has to feel confident and optimist about the exercices. Also has to understant that there is a lot of daily job to do. It is very important not doing the next exercices if there is not an improvement in neck control, otherwise the neck moviment can get worse.

  • Beginning of stage: neck can be straight in some situations.
  • End of stage: neck can be straight in major of situations. It seems that the problem is solved (but it is not)
  • How long: three years.
  • Pain: less pain. Insight the neck there is still a rare sensation.
  • Training: a lot.
  • Exercices: we do the neck exercices very very slowly, as always, with other body movement (arms, legs, face, eyes, talking...). Also we use tools like balls, elastics, weights, bottles...

 Second stage: basic neck movements whith other body movements


Arms and neck

Arms and neck

Arms. Clapping

Clapping hard

Clapping hard

Clapping hard

Clapping hard

Clapping hard

Clapping hard


Shoulders and neck


Legs and neck

Arms and legs

Arms and legs


Ballon down

Ballon up

Half full bottle of watter

Up down bottle

Up down bottle

Right left bottle

Right left bottle

Right left bottle

Up down bottle


Face one

Face two

Face three

Face four

Face five

Face six

Third year

Extrem position

Third stage

  • Beginning of stage: apparently normal movements. Maybe some tremors. Maybe some mussel tension in some situations.
  • Pain: no pain.
  • Exercices:

under construction

Other problems

  • Trembling libs.
  • Blefoespasm.
  • Dizzy.
  • Neck trembling.
  • Neck pain.
  • Headache.
  • Trouble swallowing

  • under construction


under construction


 According to you everyone can solve his cervical dystonia?

No. Its difficult, exhausting, there are many relapses, other problems related and takes lot of time.

 If I don't believe in therapist?

Cervical dystonia affects all areas of life: studies, family, friends, work, hobbies, social relationships... You can get depression, anxiety, fobia... A health professional is required to help manage a new reality.

 If I don't want to take medication or botulinum toxin?

May help to get recovered earlier. After one or two years when you get confident you can leave this help.

 If I am not motivated to train that amount of hours?


 If I don't want to train that among of time?

Look for another site

 How many hours per day do I have to train?


 You say the problem can be healed. Mayo clinic (and others) says not. What makes you different?

Ask your doctor, show him/her this site. Is gone a say the same, the cervical dystonia can be cured with a lot of work. This means spending a lot of daily hours during some years doing neck exercices. Not everyone can spend that amount of time.

 How many hours per day? two? tree?


 How long takes the full recovery?

All your life, but after three years you will feel nearly normal.

 So, according to you if I repit this exercices i will get recovered from CD?

No. According to me if you do this exercices massively, if you are open to get help from a doctor and a therapist, if you are inteligent to create a new exercices to fit to your CD you can solve your neck problem.


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